Como llegar

To Tigre: Take the TBA train, Mitre line, or public bus line #60 or #21 to the Tigre train station


To Alpenhaus:


·From the river station, take the “Interisleña” public boat line


·Direct trip by private motorboats. Contact us for further information.


·Direct trip by helicopter




15 3 378 9061 (también Whatsapp)


(011) 47280422



Atención telefónica todos los días de 10 a 20hs


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Relax en el Delta

Alpenhaus is a synthesis of comfort and service.We offer a restaurant, bar, tea house, hotel with bungalow-suites and German-style cabins, as well as a first class SPA, all surrounded by the exuberant beauty of the Delta.


You can take leisurely walks along the shore of the Rama Negra stream, go bird watching and observe the beautiful plant life.Easy access to our location is available through the Interislena public boat line, private boats and taxis, jet skis, rowboats, kayaks, sailboats, etc.Arrival time by private taxi boat is approximately 25 minutes.


In Alpenhaus we can attend in the following languages: German, English, and Italian, as well as the locally spoken Castellano (Espanol).


We offer alpine-style bungalows and german houses, all with maximum comfort in mind.The bungalows are available for 2-4 people, and have private balconies overlooking the river, while the German cabins are for 4 or 5 people, with 3 rooms and a private balcony with a view of a huge park.In addition, we offer a typical Island House, as well as a Single Room in the German Main House.


In the restaurant, seating for lunch is offered on the wooden decks overlooking the river, in the garden, in the shade of one of the many lovely trees, in the gallery with a riverfront view, in the thatched hut or in the traditionally decorated restaurant, filled with abundant mugs, paintings, dolls, plates and memorabilia from Germany and Austria.


In our restaurant we offer traditional German dishes as well as a variety of gourmet cuisine.On weekends we also offer a selection of meat hot off of the grill.Additionally, our German and Austrian baked goods, such as Apple Strudel, Sachertorte, Linzertorte, Black Forest Cake, and Raspberry Kuchen, are all elaborated here.


Our fish selection includes herring with cream, sole with buttered spinach, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables, and rosemary pejerrey fillet .


We are pleased to offer two different types of draft beer, as well as a variety of imported beers.


Spa service is included for all guests, and is also available for those who come to have lunch and enjoy the tranquility of the Delta.

Los esperamos! Bis bald!